The crackle of burning logs, the smell of wood smoke, the flames shining against the evening sky. We know that camping is just not camping without a camp fire. What better way to keep warm – and toast your marshmallows – as you relax beside your tent at night?

For insurance and for our guests’ safety, only fire pits, logs, and kindling which have been rented/purchased on site are permitted at Heritage Coast Campsite. We deliver pre booked fire pits and logs to your pitch. This can be booked in advance at the time of your original booking, or arranged during your stay – subject to availability at peak times.

Please note foraging for wood in the local area for use on site is not permitted. We can sell you as many seasoned logs as you would like to buy – and by doing so, we protect our local wildlife and environment, leaving the rotting timber and vegetation intact for all our resident species to enjoy.